We Take Mouldings and Doors Seriously

For over 25 years, Brenlo Custom Wood Mouldings & Doors has been the wood moulding supplier of choice among Luxury Custom Home Builders, Architects and Designers. We have built a reputation in the industry of being passionate about quality.

This superior quality begins in our grinding room with our hand cut knives made from top quality carbide steel. Our knives are then moved to our state of the art moulders where our operators only use kiln dried FAS lumber at a rate of 22 knife cuts per inch. The combination of expertly cut knives, quality rough lumber and cuts per inch, results in a smooth finish free from chatter marks. After a strict defecting program at the end of the milling process, all material is transferred to our distribution facility where quantities are confirmed and additional quality checks are completed. Our end result is a wood moulding that has a 99% usage and requires minimal preparation for painting or staining.

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