Trim & Mouldings

Our Quality

BRENLO trim and mouldings are only made with FAS Kiln
Dried Premium lumber.

With over 30 years of success our standard is
unmatched by others.

Our lumber is sourced locally & throughout
North America through sustainable forestry.

You will have peace of mind knowing that each board
has been individually inspected to meet our
quality standards. 

Wood Mouldings are something that we specialize in. With Brenlo’s manufacturing facility, we can create and stock over 600 moulding profiles.

At our custom shop, we have the capability of making your vision into reality.

While creating our trim and mouldings, we make sure to use sustainable wood options. 
We are using advanced technology in terms of machining tools and knives. 

We offer classic, modern and transitional mouldings including crown mouldings, casing, chair rail, baseboard trim, window casing and much more. You can easily browse our catalogue page and scroll through the different options that we offer.

With a commitment to support our customers and provide service of the highest quality, we provide you with free 3D CAD drawings. You can download these drawings and reach out to us for any assistance.

Don’t forget to check out our latest combinations created using a different variety of trim. Over the past 33 years, we have supported and executed projects of the highest quality and some of them are profiled here for your quick reference.

What makes wall paneling so impressive?

Wall panels have always been a popular choice amongst homeowners. Decorative wall panels are not only preferred for attractiveness but also for various other reasons listed below.

  1. Minimum Maintenance
    While wall panels are cheaper alternatives, they require constant maintenance. However, wall panels need minimal upkeep.

  2. Enhanced Durability
    Walls are to support the overall structure of a house. Wall panels not only enhance the overall look of a house but also act as an added support.

  3. Easy Installation
    Wall paneling is a solution that is easy to achieve.

  4. Featured Wall
    Featured walls are trending and we know the obvious reasons. Featured walls act as the main area of a house which is there to grab attention.

At Brenlo, we offer a variety of wall paneling ideas and solutions that we can create for you at our manufacturing facility. We can support your vision and help turn them into a reality.

Reach out to at [email protected],ca

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You can download our Inspire series catalogue offering 9 patterns of wood slat wall.

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