Brenlo's Accessibility Policy

In keeping with our values of integrity, leadership, teamwork, accountability and innovation, Brenlo Ltd is committed to treating all people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence.  We are committed to excellence in serving all customers, including people with disabilities. 

Policy Guidelines:

Brenlo Ltd will work hard to ensure that its policies, practices and procedures are consistent with following the core principles of treating all persons with mutual respect, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Independence
  • Dignity
  • Integration
  • Equal opportunity


We take great pride in the customer experience we provide, and our communication with customers with disabilities will demonstrate this every time.

Customer Feedback

At Brenlo Ltd, we consider customer feedback extremely valuable to our operations.  If you wish to provide feedback on the way we provide product to people with disabilities, please comment on the website, or with the customer feedback forms at the payment desk located at our distribution location at 65 Worcester Road.  All feedback will be forwarded to the Senior Management team and will be addressed.

Notice of Temporary Disruption

In the event of a planned or unexpected disruption to services or facilities for customers with disabilities, Brenlo Ltd will notify customers immediately and indicate when these services or facilities will resume.


Brenlo Ltd will provide accessible customer service training to all customer facing order desk and distribution personnel.  Training will also be provided to people involved in the development of policies, and procedures related to the distribution of our product.

Support People and Service Animals

Support people and service animals are welcome to accompany our customers with disabilities on our premises. 

Requirements & Action Items



Action Items

Accessibility Policy

Develop and implement policies on how Brenlo will achieve accessibility requirements

·       Published Accessibility policy on and            communicated to Brenlo team

Accessibility Plan

Create a multi-year accessibility plan and post on website

·       Published Accessibility plan on

Self-Service Kiosks

Consider accessibility when designing, or acquiring self-service kiosks in the future

·       Create awareness of requirement of responsibility to consider this in future equipment changes

Website Accessibility

Conform to WCAG 2.0 Level A requirements

·       Website conforms to required standards



Action Items


Ensure training on requirements of Regulation and Human Rights Code to all team members

·       Design a training course

·       Communicate training requirements to all customer service team members

·       Track completion of required training

·       Update employees, as changes take place

Feedback Process

Ensure existing feedback processes are accessible to persons with disabilities

·       Communicate accessible options to all team members



Action Items

Accessible Formats and Communication Supports

Make information accessible by providing accessible formats and communication supports in a timely manner

·       Develop and implement accessible communication options

·       Inform Brenlo staff of these options


Notify applicants about availability of accommodation during recruitment process

Provide and arrange for accommodation upon request for a person with a disability

Inform successful applicants about policies in place for accommodating employees with disabilities

·       Prepare communication to accompany job posting regarding availability of accommodation

·       Create an accommodation request form and train staff as required

·       Include information regarding accommodating disabilities in employment letter

Accommodation during employment

Advise employees of policies to support employees with disabilities

Upon request make information accessible

Take accessibility needs into account re (a) performance management (b) career development and advancement and (c) re-deployment

·       Create an accommodation request form and train staff as required

·       Communicate support available to all new and existing employees



Action Items

Design of Public Spaces Standards

Construct or redevelop any public space in accordance with Part IV.1 of the Regulation

·       Communicate accessibility requirements to landlords of all locations



Action Items

Internet Websites and Content

All internet websites and web content must conform with WCAG 2.0 Level AA

·       Create awareness of responsibility to ensure all new web content continues to adhere to guidelines

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