Decking with Brenlo – Ash lumber that has been thermally modified using high temperatures (1800 C – 2120 C), water vapour and pressure. Through this treatment, Novawood achieves unparalleled stability and durability. The thermal modification process takes 48–96 hours, depending on species, thickness and initial moisture content. Absolutely no chemical substances are used in the production process.

End Match Technology

This revolutionary technique allows for 100% usage of each board. The seams are NOT required to rest on support joists. This saves time measuring and cutting and gives a clean hardwood flooring look. Not to mention the design possibilities that are only limited by your imagination.

Hidden Clip Technology

The Novawood deckboards we carry in stock are pre-grooved and joined together with custom hidden clips. These clips allow for perfect board spacing, clean lines and minimal hardware.

Key Features

Absolutely no chemicals used during the entire Thermowood process.

Harmless to human beings and all living species. Environmentally friendly, healthy, recyclable and strong.

Performs in all weather conditions, outlasting many other species.

Produced from sustainable forests. FSC Certified.

Light weight, easy on tooling and machinery; planks are 100% usable.

Colour of wood is consistent throughout.

25% more acoustic and heat isolated than non-thermally modified wood. No hot feet, unlike plastic decking.

30% more fire resistant than normal lumber. Insect habitation is completely prevented. Resistant to decay and fungal growth.


Lengths of 7/8" X 51/2" Program

6ft.5'8" - 1800mm
7ft.6'8" - 2100mm
9ft.8'8" - 2700mm
10ft.9'8" - 3000mm
11ft.10'8" - 3300mm
12ft.11'8" - 3600mm

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