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Sustainable Wood - Brenlo Ltd
Sustainable Wood - Brenlo Ltd


We must endure ecological balance and strive to sustain the diverse ecosystem of our planet. Sustainable Lumbering is a practice, wherein trees are harvested responsibly without harming the natural aesthetics including native flora and fauna. Sustainable wood is garnered from well-managed forests that are continuously replenished; reversing the adverse effects.

Sustainable Wood

Illegal Logging – Restricted and Endangered Wood Species

ly a few people ponder over the origin of wood used in their furniture, doors or floors. Globally, 15 to 30 percent of timber is taken illegally. (Source: https://theconversation.com)

Global timber trafficking destructively impacts in the following ways:

1.Destruction of endangered wood species, subsequently harming the natural habitat.
2. Striping off the economic livelihood of communities depended on these forests.
3. Financial loss due to untracked smuggling of species abroad. According to Interpol, this alarmingly high illegal timber trade is worth US$50 billion to $150 billion annually.

(Source: https://theconversation.com)

Finding Sustainable Wood

A few companies, such as Brenlo Ltd abide by rules laid by the most prominent Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a non-profit organization. They have an internationally recognized robust certification system that ensures the use of sustainable woods.

4 Popular Sustainable Hardwood

  1. American Poplar
  2. Cherry
  3. White Oak
  4. Maple
Sustainable Wood Brenlo Doors

1. American Poplar – White Wood
Sapwood: Gray to light brown
Heartwood: Light to medium brown
Grain: Straight with a course, uneven texture
Material Type: Very Durable

2. Cherry

Sapwood: Creamy, Pale yellow color
Heartwood: Initially it is light golden/pink tone and darkens to a rich, reddish-brown color
Grain: Straight Grain, Fine Texture
Material Type: Durable

3. White Oak

Sapwood: Lighter/Creamier in color
Heartwood: Dark/ Gray tones
Grain: Straight Grain, Uneven Texture
Material Type: Durable

4. Maple

Sapwood: Nearly White, Off-white (Sometimes, reddish golden hue)
Heartwood: Dark/ Gray tones (Darker reddish brown)
Grain: Straight Grain, Fine, Uniform Texture
Material Type: Durable

Brenlo's Environmental Compliance

Brenlo has marked its presence for maintaining Industry best practices and environmental compliance.

We are FSC Certified and have an expert staff supporting our active involvement in the Canada Green Building Council, LEED building, and AWMAC commercial standards.
We believe in protecting our natural resources and only source our sustainable wood. Our suppliers actively enforce all federal and regional Sustainable Forestry Initiatives and support the standards set by the National Hardwood Lumber Association.
Our beliefs and systems in place allow us to follow strict guidelines and obtain sustainable wood to help sustain the forests, wildlife habitats, and natural ecosystems.

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