Cracking the Case

CRACKING THE CASE: Understanding the Causes and Solutions for Cracking Wood Doors

Wooden doors are a popular choice for homeowners due to their aesthetic appeal, durability, and natural insulating properties. However, even the most well-crafted wooden doors can experience cracks over time.

Cracking and warping in wood doors can occur for a variety of reasons and we’re here to explore the causes and provide some tips and solutions for preventing wood cracks and protecting their integrity.

Why do wood doors crack? The most common reason a wood door might crack is due to fluctuating humidity levels.

Humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air, and it can have a significant impact on wood because wood naturally expands and contracts in response to changes in moisture content.

When the humidity level is high, the wood in a door can absorb moisture from the air, causing it to expand. This can result in the door becoming slightly larger than its frame, making it difficult to close or open. In severe cases, the door may even become stuck in the frame.

Conversely, when the humidity level is low, the moisture content in the wood decreases, causing it to shrink. This can lead to cracks forming in the wood, particularly around knots or other imperfections. These cracks can be unsightly and can also affect the structural integrity of the door.

Let’s talk about prevention. There are several crucial steps to preventing cracking and warping in your wooden doors:

1. Maintain a consistent humidity level in your home. The ideal humidity level inside your home is 45%-55%. This can be achieved through the use of dehumidifiers or humidifiers, depending on the climate in your area.

2. Use proper sealant. Properly sealing the wood door on all 6 sides, can help prevent moisture from penetrating the surface, which can lead to warping and cracking. A high-quality sealant or finish can provide a protective layer that will help maintain the door’s shape and strength.

3. Avoid direct sunlight: Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can cause wood doors to dry out and shrink, leading to cracks and warping. To prevent this, you can use window coverings or install a UV-blocking film on windows to reduce the amount of direct sunlight that reaches the door.

4. Proper installation: Proper installation of the wood door is important to prevent warping and cracking. Ensure that the door is properly aligned and fitted within the frame, leaving a small gap between the door and the frame to allow for expansion and contraction.

5. Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including cleaning and refinishing, can help protect wood doors from moisture and UV damage. This can help extend the lifespan of the door and prevent cracking and warping over time.

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Journey of Design

Journey of Design


When our customers reach out to us with their ideas and visions, we listen to them. We work with them closely to ensure we provide them with the best. We mean it when we say, ‘We are the easier to work with. Here is a depiction of the design journey from start to finish.

We keep a large stock inventory to support our customers with tight deadlines. However, we also have expertise in custom mouldings and doors. Our expansive manufacturing facility allows us to produce any custom product in specific wood species.

This is how we can create unique experiences for our customers.

We begin with our customers’ ideas and visions, which are then converted into sketches. We take care of the dimensions and send them to the CAD team to prepare 3D drawings.

Once the 3D Drawings are ready, we send them out to the customer for their final approvals or revisions.

We begin with our customers’ ideas and visions, which are then converted into sketches. We take care of the dimensions and send them to the CAD team to prepare 3D drawings.

Once the 3D Drawings are ready, we send them out to the customer for their final approvals or revisions.

Once the CAD drawings are approved, it is sent to our manufacturing facility.

Our quality process starts in our grinding room, where hand-cut knives are made from top carbide steel. Once our knives are created, they are moved to our state-of-the-art moulders where our operators use kiln-dried FAS lumber at a rate of 22 knife cuts per inch.

The combination of expertly cut knives, quality rough lumber, and cuts per inch results in a smooth finish that is free from chatter marks. We currently hold over 10,000 custom profiles in our library for customers to reference should they need to.

Once the profiles are ready, they are rightly packed and delivered to our customers by our proficient drivers.

The final product is then installed, experienced, and loved.

Each product is created under close supervision and goes through multiple quality checks in the design journey. 

This is why our customers trust us. We continue to create and deliver premium custom mouldings and doors in selective wood species for over 35 years.

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Design Trends 2022-23

Design Trends

Design Trends 2022-23

Living spaces have always been a blend of personalities, moods, and comfort. Over the last two years, people have been confined to their interiors, looking for serenity and peace of mind during remote work.

We have seen an inclination towards an organic lifestyle in almost all aspects of life, and a similar trend is visible in curated home interiors. There is a growing demand for sustainable products, subtle color schemes, and minimalist approaches.

We asked a few designers where they could get inspiration from and what trends they see for the future.

‘Sometimes I find I start to get bored with things I’ve been seeing and creatively play with new ways of thinking about using old ideas. There’s so much out there for the everyday person to see and get inspired (and confused!) by, so I feel part of my job is to help wade through what will make sense now and into the future.’ Says Cynthia Soda from Soda Pop Design Inc.

This article will discuss the trending design styles designers focus on. Some designers follow the trends, and others focus on individual needs.

‘I don’t believe in design trends; I believe in Lifestyle Trends. Every person has a different taste. And it depends on their lifestyle.” says Ramsin Khachi from Khachi Design + Build

Walkthrough with us and discover diverse concepts that will trend for the next few years. A few trends are long-lasting, while the others may fade away depending on personal preferences. 

‘I think trends come out of a collective desire for something new. A need for change. Design is ever flowing, changing, and evolving, so if we don’t change, we become stagnant, says Rebecca Hay from Rebecca Hay Designs Inc

The trending concepts in the design world can be categorized in the following :

  1. Scandi – Also referred to as Scandinavian design, is based on three factors: clean lines, utility, and simplicity.
  2. Japandi – Japandi is a hybrid that brings together Scandinavian design and Japanese aesthetics. It includes contrasting color tones, still maintaining sleek and clean lines.
  3. Cottage Core – The concept originated from a country living style, bridging warmth, aesthetics, and comfort. This design focuses on bringing coziness to a living space. It brings with it comfort with personal freedom. 

Scandinavian design has become synonymous with modern minimalism. What makes it so unique?

Scandinavian designs refer to designs that are simple, functional, and clean. This concept has become a global phenomenon. Designers from Scandinavia (most commonly referred to as Northern Europe, including Denmark, Norway, and Sweden) have influenced how we live today. Their minimalist approach to design has inspired designers around the world.
Scandi design can be characterized by the elements such as white walls emphasizing bright and airy interiors, natural color tones, and textures.

‘Smaller but purposeful and impactful. The minimalistic approach is still popular where every object has a function,’ mentions Ramsin Khachi.

‘I think these trends will always be around. Something is soothing and calming about the simplicity of this design.‘ believes Rebecca Hay

The design often integrates earthly elements such as wood and stone in elegantly simple layouts.

‘The natural wood tones the bright open, airy vibe. Tons of natural light streaming in. There are so many different types of design styles out there.’ Rebecca continues.

However, is this a trend that continues to last but eventually perishes?

I feel like no trend ever is lost for long – it comes back in waves and with just enough difference from the previous iteration to make it different, points out Cynthia Soda

Japndi design is all about mixing elements of Japanese and Scandinavian concepts. Minimalism is a design philosophy that emphasizes simplicity, clarity, and organization. Japandi-inspired home essentially means selecting everything with intention.

The trend sparked up, especially during the pandemic, when our interior living spaces were the only place to rest and recharge.

‘There will always be a demand for simplicity in a world full of chaos and hustle,’ says Rebecca.
And maybe that is the reason it is still going strong.

This design philosophy embraces slow living, contentment, and simplicity in a clutter-free zone. ‘Japandi’ design can be characterized by using neutral muted tones and textures with the thoughtful and subtle integration of contrast colors.

‘I feel like these ideas play off of each other – Japandi essentially building upon the simplicity of what we have seen from Scandanavian design of the past,’ explains Cynthia

The idea is to curate a calming and soothing ambiance using sustainable and eco-friendly products.

The term “cottage” has become synonymous with cozy living spaces. The cottage style has recently evolved into a modern interpretation of classic design. Today, the cottage style is often associated with warm colors, vintage accents, and simple furnishings.

‘The cottage and the rustic vibe are still going strong, although I’ve noticed more demand for softer, cleaner lines,’ remarks Rebecca

Cottagecore is a mix of cottage and country styles. It combines traditional and contemporary designs and can be differentiated by its simplicity, warmth, and comfort. This trend is very personal and depends on an individual’s choice.

‘I feel this trend is more suited to textiles or second homes – I’d maybe wear this trend to a Sunday brunch but not live in it every day.‘ shares, Cynthia

The Cottagecore look embraces clutters and can be characterized by elements such as floral prints, natural materials, indoor plants, and more. One can achieve this look and get a cottage core makeover by dressing up the windows, mixing woods, and integrating beadboards or wainscoting in the design.

Why this trend, once popular is, fading away and can only be noticed in a few places?

‘Sometimes a trend becomes so saturated that a population will start to rebel against it. I think that’s what we’re beginning to see with the overly rustic cottage chic,’ reasons Rebecca.

The above-mentioned trending designs are the mix-and-match combination of natural materials, biophilic elements, sustainability, wood, wall paneling, and specially integrated subtle elements.

Let’s understand each element that is contributing and making up the trends. 

Natural materials are becoming more and more popular in the home décor industry. They bring warmth and comfort to our homes and offer a unique aesthetic appeal. The trend to incorporate natural materials will continue to grow in the coming years.

Even with hardware, brass is in and is expected to continue in demand for a long. There are many ways to integrate natural materials into living spaces. Some of the natural elements that can be easily integrated include wood, bamboo, tones, rattan and wicker, seagrass, and shells.

‘Biophilic, as the name suggests, is the love for life and living things.
Including biophilic elements helps us restore our intrinsic connection with nature. Bringing outdoors indoors has other benefits too. It has shown positive effects on moods and emotions, thereby reducing stress.

The consumer today is more sensitive about the product they are using.

‘Sustainability and biophilia are something I’d love to see more of an interior residence. When we select materials, we’re not thinking about them being discarded within the next couple of years, we want the materials selected to last and to be easy to care for. references, Cynthia

The trend to incorporate natural materials will continue to grow in the coming years.
One can bring this trend home by including unpainted wood surfaces, stone textures, living plants, ceramics, and wicker furniture.

Consumers today are more informed and have more information at their disposal.

‘This is completely a passion of my own. We do our best to incorporate sustainable practices into our design selections’, says Rebecca

They know about climate change and emergent needs to pivot and shift to a sustainable lifestyle. 
More and more clients care about the products in their homes, where they come from, and if they will harm their health.

Using legal and FSC-certified wood products, sustainable wood alternatives, and a distance from harmful plastic can effectively contribute to keeping the right balance individually. 

At Brenlo, we ensure all our products and processes adhere to sustainability guidelines.

What does the future hold for light woods? Will they continue to gain popularity?

Wood has always been famous for interior designers, architects, and homeowners. However, the demand for light woods has increased dramatically in recent years. The appeal of wood is its versatility, durability, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Brenlo has seen a continued spike in demand and re-emergence of white oak. The hottest leading species include rift-cut and quarter-cut white oak. We keep it stocked and custom-make designs at our manufacturing facility.

‘Natural wood products are a go-to; clients appreciate anything made locally.‘, mentions Rebecca.
Ramsin Khachi is also renovating his house and reemphasizes his love for quarter-sawn white oak, selected for doors.

Wood is a natural material that can be fused into the design supporting trending designs, including Scandi, Japandi, and Cottage Core.

The diverse variety of wood species offers many options to blend with any interior.

The latest trend in interior design is wood paneling. It has been around since ancient times, but now it is gaining momentum. In addition to being beautiful, it also adds warmth and character to the room.

‘That is the biggest trend I’m seeing in the design world, paneling of all shapes and sizes on as many walls as possible.’, mentions Rebecca.

Wood panels are a great way to add beauty and style to your home. They come in various styles and colors and are often used to create unique designs. It is important to remember that wood panels are not only decorative; they also provide thermal insulation, soundproofing, and protection against moisture.

‘The way we use it now will continue to evolve (either more modern/traditional/eclectic), but I love the versatility of it and the way it can add so much to a space with a little ingenuity.‘ remarks Cynthia

‘I love paneling because it adds textural depth to a space. Especially if you’re someone who doesn’t love Wallpaper, paneling is a great solution. You add interest without too much pattern and color’. further explains Rebecca

Ramsin mentions envisioning and achieving beautiful modern wainscoting look using inspire series at his house.

The textured look helps bring nature closer, often becoming a design’s center of attraction and talking point. One can achieve white stain accents using inspire series by Brenlo, especially in rift-cut and quarter-cut white oak, which continues to be in demand.

Architecture has always played a key role in defining the look and feel of our homes. Today, architects are using new materials and techniques to create unique designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Architectural trends come and go, but some remain timeless. One such trend is the archway. The archway is a standard feature found in traditional architecture. It is now being revived, thanks to modern architects and designers adding curved doors, rounded windows, and arced mirrors to their interior design.

Today, architects are using new technologies to create unique architectural features that are both functional and aesthetic.This means that they are incorporating new materials into their designs. 

‘A proper balance – right blend – using textures, colors, styles, and tones.’ concludes Ramsin

Brenlo Ltd has been keeping up with the latest trends and supporting the design community with its sustainable natural products. 

Brenlo offers a diverse variety of stock and custom-made wood moulding, doors, and wall paneling options. Our manufacturing facility and expansive stock inventory support projects with tighter deadlines while never compromising on quality. We adhere to environmental compliance and provide FSC-certified products that support sustainable living.

We will continue to support the industry and our customers by bringing the latest trends and updates to make informed decisions.

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Wall Panel Design Trends 2022

Wall panel trends

7 Wall Panel Trends to Add Character to Your Space

Panels are a great way to add texture, dimension, and visual interest to any space. There are many different styles and sizes of panels out there, so finding the right panel type for your project can be tricky.

After installing the panels, you’ll want to finish off the wall with paint, wallpaper, or something similar. Wallpaper is a popular choice for adding color and pattern to walls, while paint is a good alternative if you prefer a cleaner look. Whatever you choose, make sure it complements the rest of the room’s design.

Wall Paneling, not only make your living spaces more charming, but they have other benefits too.

1. Create Extra Storage

You might want to add some shelving to your home office, but you can use wall panels to create additional storage space. If you’ve got a spare room, you could put some panels in there to store books, board games and more.

Wall Panels
@nrg_painting | Product : Inspire Series by Brenlo

2. Add a Touch of Style

Wall panels are a great way to give your home a fresh feel. They’re particularly effective in living rooms, where they can be used to create a stylish feature wall. Wall Panels are a great way to give an enhancing spacious look within the existing boundaries. This definitely is a guaranteed way to prompt interest in the added details.

Wall Panel Trends
@jessicamcgouran | Product :Inspire Series by Brenlo

3. Protect Artwork

Artwork is beautiful, but it’s also vulnerable. Wall panels provide a protective barrier, helping to protect your artworks from harm.

Paneling is a type of wall covering applied directly to drywall or plasterboard. The panels are designed to fit over existing surfaces and provide a smooth surface for painting. It comes in various styles and finishes, from plain white to decorative patterns.

Such experimentation allows mixing up the art with an aligned wall flow. It adds to the element of surprise and is sure to become a talking point in any living space.


Wall Panel Trends
@robynclarkeco | Product : Trim by Brenlo

4. Staircase

Staircases have become the most sort after opportunity to create an aesthetically pleasing unique space.

Staircase paneling not only adds to the character but also brings an architectural look to the hallway that connects the whole house. 

The trending fluted wall paneling gives a 3D feel with moody hues with natural wood tones. So, if one wants to add depth and natural texture, staircases can be an opportunity that can curate an amazing feel-good factor that you are chasing for.


Wall Panel Trends
Inspire Series by Brenlo

This ‘work-in-progress’ staircase wall paneling is curated using inspire Series by Brenlo.

Inspire Series by Brenlo
Wall Panel Trends
Inspire Series by Brenlo

5. Fireplace

Fireplaces are no more confined to just premium and luxury spaces. They are now more popular than ever. a great addition to any home. They not only warm up a room but also have the ability to transform the space by adding distinct character and style.  One can create a custom fabricated look around the fireplace to ensure an authentic and elegant visual effect. Watch out for the inclusive architectural elements that can be fused together and add to ultimate warmth and comfort. 

Don’t forget to prioritize and focus on the right color tones that go well with the entire space and add to the unique accent that one is looking for.

__brickxbrick | Product : Inspire Series by Brenlo

6. Featured Wall

Feature walls can not go wrong. Period. With the potential to immediately uplift the vibes and personality of the whole space, the Featured wall is going to stay a long-term trend across the globe.

Whether you are looking for a renovation to flip the property or you are curating your own dream house, a featured wall is the way to go! Typically, this wall stands out and grabs attention. However, you can choose to blend colors, textures, and tones and still create the impact that you are seeking.

Undoubtedly, the trending wall paneling can transform a boring space into an exciting one.

Wall Trends
iamjustinbock | Product : Inspire Series by Brenlo

7. Wainscoting

Wainscoting is increasingly becoming popular in contemporary living spaces. Besides, Adding texture and architectural elements to your space, Wainscoting offers other benefits too.

Here are some of them:

  • Aesthetics – Wainscoting adds style and beauty to any room. You can choose from different colors and patterns to match your decor.

  •  Durability – Wainscoting is made out of solid hardwood boards. These boards are extremely durable and won’t warp or rot.

  • Easy Installation – Installing wainscoting is relatively simple. All you need is a hammer, nails, screws, and paint.

  • Low Maintenance – Wainscoting doesn’t require much maintenance. Just wipe down the surface periodically with a damp cloth.

  • Versatile – Wainscoting can be used in almost any room in your house. You can use it in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, laundry room, etc.

  • Cost Effective – Wainscoting comes at a low cost compared to other types of flooring. You can get it at a discount if you buy it in bulk.


Trim and Moulding by Brenlo
Trim and Moulding by Brenlo
Trim and Moulding by Brenlo

Brenlo has been a leading supplier of Door, trim, and mouldings for the last three decades. With its own manufacturing capabilities, Brenlo is able to deliver beyond expectations. Here is the full catalogue of a list of product offerings.

Below is the most trending Inspire Series launched by Brenlo. Click on the pictures to view CAD drawings and visit our project gallery for some inspiration.

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Lumber Prices 2022 : Whats’ the Reality?

Lumber Prices

Overview : Lumber Prices

Over the last two years, we have seen a constantly changing economic dynamics and distressed markets. The disrupted equilibrium of demand and supply has impacted multiple industries. The lumber industry was visibly affected by skyrocketing prices pinning holes in customers’ pockets.

We are hoping to slowly pace back to our normalcy. However, as history suggests, deep economic crises often leave trailing scars that take time to recover.

The vacuum created between demand and supply can take another couple of months to fill. Recent headlines suggesting the drop-in prices seem to be far from reality, and here is why?

The situation is still volatile, and there are already concerns over an upcoming global economic recession.


We are at the highest inflation point in the last three decades.

The current inflation surpasses the highest mark in recent history and is over 7.7% for Canada and 8.6% for the USA. Let’s understand what inflation can do to our economy?


The current inflation surpasses the highest mark in recent history and is over 7.7% for Canada and 8.6% for the USA. Let’s understand what inflation can do to our economy?


Transportation Costs

• As a result of the shortage, Gas charges have gone significantly up, The increased fuel prices result from inflation and multiple sanctions put on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. 

Currently, the average gas price in Canada is around $2.04/liter. It was around $1.29/liter during the same time, last year.

As a matter of fact, Gasoline Prices in Canada averaged 0.96 USD/Liter from 1992 until 2022,

• Fuel demand continues to increase as people venture outdoors to enjoy warm summer. Thus, the prices are predicted to go up because of the short gas supply. 

• There are delays and backlogs with Rail, Marine, and Trucks, forcing lumber and pulp companies to slow down production and exports.

Canada Lumber prices

Ultimately, the whole supply chain continues to suffer.

Disbalanced Demand & Supply – After Effects

Sawmills are still unable to keep up with the demand. The industry is troubled by labor shortages. If the increasing housing start data is compared, sawmills’ output is significantly behind.

Other issues not letting the prices stabilize include, ongoing supply chain disruptions and tariffs on Canadian lumber imports.

In our earlier newsletters, we outlined essential aspects of the economic outlook and soaring prices, which you can also read here. 

The ongoing media headlines suggest a reference for soft lumber pricing, which seems to stabilize temporarily, but hard lumber corrected pricing is like a distant dream.

There is still a huge shortage going for specialty hardwood species such as White Oak, Walnut Oak, American Poplar, and more.


BRENLO'S Response

We are taking a proactive approach and keeping up with the following measures to make sure our customers are happy.

• We are working hard in preparing ourselves to absorb maximum disruptions across the supply chain, allowing us to pass on only the minimal effects to our clients.
• Despite the ongoing challenges with the supply chain, we are closely working with our suppliers to retain a strong inventory position and ensure our product quality is maintained at each level.
• With our manufacturing capabilities, we are continuing to push back and work on bringing down the lead times and supporting our customers.
We would love to hear back from you.

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All about White Oak – Industry Insights

White Oak

Overview :

White Oak is one of the most sought-after wood species across the globe. There has always been an upward trend in its demand, especially from parts of Europe. However, the domestic demand for white oak has also surged in recent years.

The following image shows the basic differences between different white-oak cuts that the market offers.

White Oak Facts:

• White oak is one of the most preferred woods in terms of adding aesthetics to living spaces. However, it is known to be ‘photosensitive’ causing it to turn yellow eventually due to the effect of ultraviolet radiations. But on the positive side, they are easy to maintain and can be kept away from yellowing by basic maintenance activities. Bleaching is an excellent way to restore stained white oak to its original form. The treatment not only produces brilliant results but also helps in adding dreamy colors and contrasts.

• Around a decade ago, the demand for its quarter cut was surpassing the demand for rift-cut but today, it is just the opposite.

• Today, Invariably the end consumer is preferring rift cut for its consistent, modern and elegant design look.

What is kiln drying and is it a current challenge for White Oak:

In simple words, Kiln drying is a process to bring down the moisture content of green lumber to make it workable. A kiln is like an oven where one can control the levels of temperature, humidity, and steam for a set period allowing it to achieve the desired moisture content.

Though we can’t consider this process a current hindrance because the methods have essentially remained the same for years. White Oak trees are known for their slow growth followed by a long kiln drying process and it has hardly made an impact in the present situation.

Nevertheless, the point that we are going to make next, may not seem to be impacting now but can be detrimental in a long run.

American white oak supplies could begin to significantly dwindle over the next decade. The worry is that, despite currently growing in over 100 million acres of forest, American white oak trees aren’t regenerating quickly enough to keep up with demand.

The good part is that the problem has been detected and the initiatives are in progress. 

Key Reasons impacting White Oak :

The global pandemic has caused a massive economic decline impacting and shutting down multiple industries parallelly. Let us find out, how specifically it has affected white oak’s wood supply and the subsequent challenges faced by the end consumer.
1. Labor Shortage
2. Demand and Supply Equilibrium

1. Labor Shortage –
With the start of the coronavirus outbreak followed by subsequent lockdowns, the supply chain suffered the most. In no time, there was a labor shortage which still happens to be a big challenge in the industry.

As a result, the number of loggers became scarce in the supply chain and caused a low log supply, subsequently bringing the saw mills’ production down directly affecting the end customer.

2. Demand and Supply Equilibrium-

White Oak is constantly in demand, not only from domestic customers but also globally.

  • White Oak is constantly in demand, not only from domestic customers but also globally.
  • Besides the sawn white oak, there is also an increase in demand for its ‘logs’ and this has now become a very strong market where people are buying logs and sawing them locally.
  • Other than this, container shortage is a byproduct of the pandemic and has impacted the economy at multiple levels including the movement of freight across the continents.
  • This has resulted in reduced cashflows and liquidity making millers skeptical about sawing the species (including white oak) that can’t be easily shipped.

Lets talk about white oak PRICE :

With increasing demand, this hardwood has seen an incessant price rise over the years. However, the pandemic has resulted in a visibly abrupt price increase for many wood products, including MDF, Plywood, Poplar, and White Oak.

Today, its price is 55% higher than what it was today around the same time last year. 
Its price hiked to 40%, 6 months ago and then continued to rise with the new variant (Omicron) making headlines. it may further increase in the coming months.

  • At Brenlo, we have always tried to obtain our white oak in ‘lots’ or large quantity orders to keep a consistent color and grade.
  • We aren’t purchasing small lots from multiple suppliers to avoid inconsistency.
  • We are staying ahead of demand and procuring flat cut, quarter cut, and rift cut to meet demand and fill orders.
  • At our manufacturing, we are investing in our people and technology to modernize the processes.

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Poplar Prices Soaring High – Market Insight

hardwood Poplar price
hardwood Poplar price

Overview : American Poplar

The global pandemic has disrupted some of the major demand and supply equilibriums across the wood industry and ‘Poplar’, often known as ‘Whitewood’ is no different.

Most of the Poplar that we use comes from North America, the largest Whitewood producer.

• We (Brenlo Ltd) prefer American Poplar because it has a smoother finish, and clean sharp edges. While Canadian Poplar (Aspen)  is not ideal for painting, tends to fuzz up during the milling process, and is not a stable product.

• FAS (First and Seconds) grade that we use, is the best grade in the market. This grade offers the least amount of defect based on the surface measure of each board. The minimum width of FAS is 6”.

Moreover, Toronto is the single largest consumer market for primed grade Poplar.

Breaking the Equilibrium: Facts that matter

1. Broken Supply Chain

  • As the pandemic urgency commanded, the mills were shut down, directly impacting the production lines.
  • The sawmills-initiated layoffs and scaled-down production. As a result, the wood industry was impacted heavily.
  • As we discussed in our last newsletter, the basic economics can be observed in the Poplar price hike scenario as well.
  • For this reason, the production lines continued to be closed causing an all-time supply dip in 60 years. In essence, this was way down from the annual prediction made by industry specialists.

2.  Rise in DIYers and High-end Renovations

• Interestingly, when people were at home, they started looking at renovations and home improvements. In a couple of months, the continuous demand for furniture, luxury home renovations, kitchen cabinetry, and more, kicked up once again.

• As a result,  the massive ongoing renovations not only impacted softwood but also hardwood. This effect was visible on different product groups including ‘Poplar’ wood.

During the first two months of the recession, home-improvement sales shot up by 13%. Notably, this phenomenon caused lumber demand to spike, even as sawmills were halting production. (Credit: The Fortune)

• The following graph depicts the macro-level scenario where there is an approximate increase of a billion DIYers over 1 year.

Moreover, there is a significant rise of approximately 40 % in housing starts in GTA, Ontario over the last 2 years.

Wood price hike
Credit :

3. Major Employee Crisis

As the demand continued rising, employees were still preferring to stay back at home with the acceptable subsidiaries and incentives offered by the government. Thus, the wood industry is still suffering from a lack of staff.

American Poplar - Unfolding the Poplar Pricing and the Road Ahead:

Poplar Wood

Home construction remains high in demand. With an incessantly increasing demand, prices surged beyond expectations. As a result,  figures almost doubled in the last 2 years.

BRENLO is communicating, every week, with some of the largest hardwood mills in North America who consistently agree to the following points:

Before the new Covid variant (Omicron), Poplar prices were stabilizing with a chance of potential price reduction based on volume increase from the Mills. However, this new variant is going to have an impact on production. Our expectation is of an estimated price rise between 5%-15% in the coming months.

  • The production lines are open and mills are incentivizing employees such as signing bonuses to join back. However, the situation remains delicate.
  • Moreover, the production is likely to increase but it will take some time to bring everything on track and meet the demand curve.
  • In the meantime, organizations are investing in upgrading their capabilities and technologies. They are focusing on increasing production and buying more timberland to bring back the wood industry on track.

BRENLO Response

Hardwood Poplar price

In fear of further disruptions in supply chains, Brenlo is taking a large position in Poplar, specifically 4/4 (which is used for the most casing, jambs, doorstops & baseboards). Our goal is to ensure that we carry a strong inventory position so that you have confidence that we will have your product in stock or be able to meet custom product lead times.

1. We have doubled our rough lumber inventory for the year 2022 to balance out an unsure supply chain.

2. Also, we are increasing our manufacturing capabilities to meet tight project deadlines.

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Economic Outlook: Hardwood Plywood Market

Plywood forecast news
Plywood forecast news

INDUSTRY UPDATES - PLYWOOD Supply, Price and Impact

What are the primary channels of Plywood?

A growing market appetite from the DIYers and home renovators segment has contributed to disrupting the demand-supply equilibrium. To understand the overall situation, we need to be aware of the global supply chain, limits on labor, rising raw material costs, limited supply of said materials, unprecedented congestion at the ports; all under the umbrella of inflation.

Let us begin by understanding the role of housing, that impacted the primary channels of Plywood :

  • Distribution
  • OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
  • Retail

All these primary channels reacted differently to economic shutdowns due to Covid-19.

  • The demand for Plywood quickly surged because of the growing DIYers segment.
  • Resulted Situation – Demand continued to rise while production was still shut down and impacted.
  • Subsequently, because of quick stock-outs, people started looking for priced alternatives.

The following image shows an increase in the number of DIYers over the past year.

Core Reason : Massive Shutdown in production but an unexpected recovery of residential construction.

Who suffered the most : OEMs and Distributors

This following graph depicts an incessant rise in single-unit housing. This is also an opportunity for the industry players.

Plywood Market

Growth Projection of Hardwood Plywood

The projection says 10+% YoY growth for domestic decorative hardwood plywood in 2021, with moderate and slight growth in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

(Source :

  • Not only the COVID-19 pandemic has  impacted the markets but also, the massive changes happening in regards to imports of competitive products—hardwood and softwood plywood.
  • These product categories have also been impacted by the “Trade War” with China.
  • The projections are somewhat similar to MDF. Read here.

The following table compares the total volume of hardwood and softwood plywood imports decline from China with the total row volume change percentage.

2021-22 to show strong double-digit growth in single-unit housing units, driven by very low inventories, low borrowing rates, an exodus from large urban areas to suburban communities, and several other variables. 

Brenlo's Take - What we are doing ?

We are in this together.

  • We are trying to match our pace in this disruptive supply and demand equilibrium. 
  • With our initiatives, we are keeping our customers informed about the potential price rise because of unexpected demand surge.
  • We are building our stock inventories to cut down lead times and support projects.
  • We are constantly increasing our manufacturing capabilities by hiring new skilled staff.

Check out our updated catalogue here.

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65 Worcester Road
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Will Barn Doors continue to trend?

Barn Doors Brenlo
Barn Doors Brenlo

Barn Doors will continue to trend in 2022-23

Barn Doors are making a statement by creating a timeless look, both for interior and exterior living spaces. These doors combine practicality and aesthetics by bridging ease and look together.These doors are commonly hung as a sliding door that requires a track and a hardware to support its move.

While deciding on a barn door, always visualize the open and shut doors separately. Both the looks are pretty unique and add accent to the entire space.

Considering the current trends, Barn doors are trending and people want to add these doors as an element to define their interiors. Surely, this trend is going stronger and is picking up more with each passing day.

Barn Doors Brenlo

Going further in this article, let’s talk about the functionality and the appeal of a barn door. Subsequently, we will understand the types, unique elements and inspirational design ideas.
Let’s slide through the Barn Doors.

Functionality of a Barn Door

Barn Doors are extremely functional that fit in well in all kind of spaces, be it small or large. These doors can be a perfect replacement to a pocket door, which sometimes can be difficult to adjust. 
It is a great offering to make to a customer who needs to save on space and add popular elements to curate an inviting ambience. Barn doors provides a better solution in terns of flexibility or dexterity.


Barn Doors are Lighter!

Well, thats a blessing in disguise. Barn Doors are lightweight and easier to slide because they are installed on a track, making them suitable and user friendly for people of all ages.

Barn Doors Brenlo

Barn Doors as Space Guards!

We call these unique doors as ‘Space Guards’ because of their ability to save a good amount of space allowing you to utilize the area more efficiently. Every inch matter when you are planning interiors for a smaller space and then these doors can also help you organize your large living area into smaller spaces. Check out the amazing ideas to use Barn Doors.

Barn Doors Brenlo

Focal Point of the living space

With a unique appeal and appearance, undoubtedly the barn doors become the central point of focus. These doors generate interest by elevating any basic uninteresting design format into a charming modern design.

Barn Doors Brenlo

Barn Doors, essentially can belong to any part of your home. Before you decide on a barn door, make sure to have an adequate support for its installation. You can get your doors custom designed and as unique as you want.
Brenlo Ltd has a strong history of supplying incredible doors and mouldings . They have one of the most supporting staff who walk through with you at every step. Checkout their amazing door display at the showroom and reach out to them at [email protected].

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Breathtaking French Doors to Beautify your Living Spaces

High Quality French Doors
High Quality French Doors

Breathtaking French Doors to Beautify Your Living Spaces

French doors are primarily constructed using glass and they appear more like wall-size windows, rather than a regular doors. These doors offer a major advantage of allowing light to flow more easily between spaces.

French doors have recently regained their popularity and are a major contributor to home improvement projects. These doors can be included in the original architectural design of a home or can be replaced with the present doors. They are meant to beautify living spaces by connecting them visually to adjoining interior or outdoor zones.

Type of French Doors

Exterior French doors

French doors are known for creating those welcoming first impressions.

French Doors Brenlo
Credit :Pinterest

Interior French Doors

These doors can be used as a partition between spaces to create that visually attractive interior design.

Credit : Pinterest

Pocket French Doors

Pocket French doors save space by sliding inward instead of swinging outward.

Credit :Pinterest

Multifold Doors

These doors create a beautiful frame appearance when folded and become a stately wall of light when closed.

Brenlo French Doors
Credit :Pinterest

Sliding Doors

Sliding French doors are mainly used in balconies to save on space and create a magnificent look.

Credit :Pinterest

Door manufacturing facilities such as Brenlo Ltd can custom design a door that you are looking for. To increase the durability of exterior French doors, they use exterior cladding using metal or fiberglass skin to the exterior doors. These doors are sleek, elegant and can be tailor-made to suit any existing home décor.

French Doors are also used as a decorative substitute to solid wood doors which also makes them a great choice for the back patio.

One can choose glass options as per their privacy needs and have doors custom-made. If you want to make sure that your door matches environmental compliance and is only manufactured by a certified company don’t forget to look for the FSC logo.

Benefits of French Doors

1. Quick access to the patio or outdoor spaces

These doors connect interiors and exteriors, creating a seamless spacious look. Easy access to outside areas provide an extension to natural surroundings imbibing positive moods.

Credit :Pinterest

2.  Energy Efficient

These doors allow an incredible amount of natural light inside a living space-saving on energy. These doors not only bring natural light and warmth into your home but also transforms it into a completely new and rejuvenating ambience.

Brenlo Doors
Credit :Pinterest

3. Aesthetic Look

French doors come with decorative aesthetic features that can beautify any living area. They create a sense of openness when used as room partitions as they can make your home look and feel larger.

French Doors
Credit :Pinterest

4. Smart Investment

These doors at home can dramatically amplify the look subsequently increasing the potential value of your home.

Brenlo French Doors
Credit :Pinterest

5. Enjoy cold outdoors from the comfort of your warm Indoors

These doors help you unlock the possibility of relishing winter views without venturing outside.

Credit :Pinterest

6. Noise Block

Whether used as an interior partition or in exteriors, French doors allow you to cut down on unwanted noise without disrupting your views.

Inspirational Gallery : French Doors

Brenlo Ltd has been manufacturing and supplying custom doors and mouldings for more than 30 years. Check out the speciality doors options with a glass type selection.

Check out their project gallery and view the full catalogue to pick your options.

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